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CANARIX  provides off-shore and on shore database administration through our certified "Database Administrators".
Database Expertise:
Oracle, Microsoft SQL & IBM - DB2

Database Administration:
 Administration of database objects including tables, clusters, indexes, views, procedures in each database instance   Implementation and enforcement of security for databases and to manage database users and licenses. Defining and/ or implementing access controls to the data   Ongoing performance tuning of all the database instances.   Troubleshooting regarding the databases and related tools.   Evaluation and implement ion of releases of upgrades/ patches for Oracle and its tools with no impact on application(s).   Capacity planning required for creating and maintaining the databases.   Recoverability - Creating and testing backups   Integrity - Verifying or helping verify data integrity through database constraints   Availability - Ensuring maximum uptime   Development and testing support - Helping programmers and engineers to efficiently utilize the database.   Health check-ups & monitoring   Checklist for day-to-day operations   Resource utilization management   Documents Backup and Data Recovery strategy

“A group of technocrats started Canarix Software Solutions, a consulting firm to serve their clients with dedication, helping them achieve their best ever business goals.“
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